Developer Kiloo Category Arcade Game Version 1.90 Play Subway Surfers on PC & Mac FREE now!

Subway Surfers is an action-packed endless running game featuring the protagonist, Jake, the mischievous young teenager who loves rock ‘n roll and wall graffiti! He’s always someplace else trying to show off his wonderful creations and this time, it’s inside the subway! Drawing graffiti can be loads of fun, but someone’s not very happy about it…

Here comes the grumpy train inspector! Together with his patrol dog, it’s their job to make sure the subway station is spick and span and free of strangers. But what?! There’s a kid doodling on public property! Stop right there! Don’t let me catch you!

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Put your paint cans down and run! Escape from the furious inspector and his dog! You won’t want to imagine what it will be like if you get caught! Control Jake’s movements as he speeds along the railway tracks in Subway Surfers. Keep a lookout for oncoming trains and obstacles. Jump over the short barriers or roll under the tall ones. Run up the top of the trains and glide between the three different lanes. Increase your speed by utilizing your beloved hoverboard! There are also other power-ups along the way such as the jet-packs and power jumpers to fly up to the sky or jump further to increase the distance between you and the inspector.

Maintain your momentum! One slight brush against the obstacles will decrease your speed and allow the inspector to catch up with you! Crash onto any obstacles and you will get caught immediately. Collect coins along the way and upgrade your hoverboard in Subway Surfers. Do you know: Hoverboards allow you to become invulnerable for 30 seconds while riding on it. Hence it is a very useful tool for beginners like us. With Subway Surfers World Tour, visit the different cities around the world and collect the various hoverboards! Unlock Jake’s friends as well and let them join in the race of freedom!

Its easy-to-use game controls are what keeps us playing for hours! Simply swipe your character left or right in the three lanes provided. Swipe up or down to let your character jump over obstacles or roll underneath them. Share your high score on social media and invite your friends to join in the fun as well! Can you break the world record for the Subway Surfers high score?

Cannot wait to try out the game? Download Subway Surfers on PC today!

Game Features

  • Speeding fun down the subways!
  • Play World Tour Edition and visit the stunning landmarks!
  • Many game characters to choose from!
  • Customizable hoverboards!
  • Challenge your friends and share your high score!

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

Check out these game screenshots.

DOWNLOAD Subway Surfers Game FREE for PC & MAC Screenshot
DOWNLOAD Subway Surfers Game FREE for PC & MAC Screenshot

Developer Kiloo Category Arcade Game Version 1.90 Play Subway Surfers on PC & Mac FREE now!