About Subway Surfers

About Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers PC is a fun and engaging computer game, testing gamers their reflex in this thrilling endless run to freedom. Our fansite is dedicated to giving all our readers the best and most comprehensive information about the Subway Surfers game.


The Game

Subway Surfers is an online endless running game similar to that of Temple Run. These 2 games have often been compared with each other to see the game that players prefer. Subway Surfers feature the mischievous teenager, Jake, and his goofy tactics to run down the railway tracks at his top speed, without getting captured by the grumpy train inspector and his dog. Players have to guide Jake along as he faces various obstacles along the way. Jump over obstacles or roll underneath them. No matter what you do, just make sure you don’t let Jake get caught. *fingers crossed


Do you have what it takes to be the next Subway Surfers master? Download the game now and put your skills to test.



Subway Surfers Tips, Tricks and Guides

You may have speed and deftness, however, in some cases, you may require somewhat more to make it as an effective Subway Surfer. Find out how you can break through that milestone. Try out the tips and tricks we have prepared for you. Test a combination of power-ups and determine which one suits your game style more. Who knows? You may be on your way to break that high score that you have always wanted to overtake. Discover how you can collect all the items on the tracks while desperately trying to escape from the grumpy train inspector.


Subway Surfers Cheats and Hacks

In our fansite, we offer a couple of cheats, tricks, and tips to help keep you in front of the watch and piling on high scores on the leaderboard. Do bear in mind that the game is constantly being updated and it’s conceivable a portion of these Subway Surfers cheats, tricks and tips may not work anymore. Develop your multiplier. Get unlimited coins. Follow our cheats here and you may be able to get those expired limited-time event characters again!  


Subway Surfers Characters

Read up on the different characters in the game! Head over to our characters pages as we bring you details about your favorite characters. And most importantly, how to obtain these characters! Other than the protagonist, Jake, try out characters such as Spike, Tricky, Lucy and Yutani! Not only are they good friends of Jake, they are also excellent runners too! Birds of a feather flock together right?


Subway Surfers Game Characters PC Free APK

Subway Surfers Wallpaper

What’s a game without nice and colorful wallpapers? Decorate your desktop or mobile phone with these stunning wallpapers featuring your favorite Subway Surfers characters! Be it limited edition characters from the World Tour Editions, or the classic characters in the original game, there’s definitely something that you like!


This game is so addictive. You cannot help it but keep hitting that “Restart” button. The life of a Subway Surfer might be short and self-destructive, yet there’s no denying that it will be a mess of fun to just keep running and running. And trust us, you can and will play Subway Surfers for hours and hours! It has incredible visuals, a smooth introduction, wonderful power-ups, and unmatched portability. And last but not least, the hoverboard specifically completes the set.


Don’t lose out on the fun! Download Subway Surfers and play now!

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