What is Subway Surfers PC Version?

If you feel confused as to why this looks different from the developers website, this page offers a standalone copy of Subway Surfers PC. This is a website made by fans and dedicated to fans. If you are tired of playing the game on your phone, you came to the right place!

When you need to play the Subway Surfers game for free online and unblocked, you are in luck. You should be able to find this game under the download button. Once you click it, you will find an installation that will pop up on your screen. Don’t worry, what you see is a legit and clean download.

subway surfers pc

We modded this copy of Subway Surfers so you never have to open up an Android emulator and wait for minutes until you can play. So say goodbye to large CPU consumption as we use very little resources to get the game working fluidly. Try this PC version now!