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Subway Surfers is a single player endless running game that tests players’ agility and reflex. With cute and cheeky in-game characters, customizable outfits and hoverboards, and strong power-ups, you cannot help but keep playing the game for hours!

Show off your high score with your friends and compete for the title of the best Subway Surfer! But do you know what’s the current world record for the best Subway Surfers score? How many countries/cities were featured in the Subway Surfers World Tour? How many characters are there in Subway Surfers and how to obtain them?

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Is Subway Surfers Still Relevant in 2020?

If you have been playing Subway Surfers since 2012 and have stopped at some point, you might be thinking if the game is obsolete by now. But so far, it…

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Subway Surfers: The Animated Series

If you haven’t been aware, Subway Surfers has its own animated series. Premiered in 2018, the short series was produced by SYBO TV on YouTube. Each episode is around 3…

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Subway Surfers: How Much Money Does It Make?

As far as we know, Subway Surfers is among one of the most famous casual games since the early 2010s. However, not a lot of people know how much money…

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