How to Play Subway Surfers – A Gameplay Guide

Welcome to the Subway Surfers game guide page. Here, you will find various how-to’s that can help you in your progress in the game. For this guide, we will be focusing on late game movements. This means that our tips will apply once you go beyond 5 minutes of endless running gameplay. So if you wish to play this game on a more competitive level, you came to the right page!



Late Game Movements in Subway Surfers

From the surface, you may think Subway Surfers is a very easy game. Well, it is, until you hit the point where everything is fast and skill-heavy. I am talking about flick-swipes, neutrals, and all other tricky stuff. Around the first 3 minutes of the game, the lanes are quite simple to move through and obstacles are easy to pass by. However, around the 5-minute mark, that is where things become quite challenging.



The Flick-Swipe

This is a move you can do in this arcade game. Basically, you move to another lane while in mid-air. This becomes very important once Jake (or other Subway Surfers characters) becomes faster. That also means less time to react to the environment. Flick-swiping becomes relevant once you see coins in very awkward areas ( in between obstacles in mid-air, etc).



The Flick-Down

This one is another vital move if you want to last longer in the game. It refers to immediately swiping down after being in mid-air. You will start to notice its importance once you realize that barricade holes are nearer jump-type obstacles. Master this move and you can still breeze through the late-game portion!

Power-up Investments in Subway Surfers

To put it frankly, your power-ups need to acquire full strength. If you plan on reaching the global rankings, the best way to increase your chances is to maximize all power-ups. With longer utilization, you can still run through late game without missing your momentum.

So, are you ready to try out these moves? Get to play Subway Surfers for free online through this download link.