Subway Surfers Characters: Jake, Tricky, Spike, Fresh, Yutani & Lucy

When Subway Surfers was first released, it only has one character, which is Jake. He’s the cheeky teenager that made all of us worry for, the one we protected from the grumpy inspector. Subsequently, new characters were added to the game to create more variety and also allow players to choose a girl character if they want to. Seasonal characters were also introduced with limited edition costumes, such as the Christmas Edition or Halloween Edition costumes, to allow greater customizations and interactivity between players and the game. Let us look at some of our favorite characters of this game.


Jake is the protagonist in Subway Surfers. He is the first character that all players will get when they first play the game. Jake is a cheeky and mischievous kid. His default outfit is one wearing a light-blue jacket, a white sweatshirt, and a red inner shirt. Finishing up his look with a cap with “Sub Surf” written on top, green and red shoes and light-colored jeans. Moreover, he is often seen holding a yellow spray paint can. In the midst of the World Tour: Miami update, Jake was given two outfits, the Dark and Star outfits, for players to interchange his outfits.


Tricky is a young woman wearing a red beanie, black-squared glasses. She often wears a white tank top, a dull belt, and light-blue low-waist jeans. She also has long blonde hair and wore shoes that look like Jake’s. In the Subway Surfers: Christmas Edition, she is known as Elf Tricky. Being the cheapest character to unlock in the game, she is one of the top choices for players for Subway Surfers. Do you know: Tricky’s real name is Beatrice. It was revealed in Episode 3 of the Subway Surfers cartoon!  


Fresh is the kid with a high military-style hairstyle, tan skin, and dark brown eyes. He wears thick squared glasses, a green tank top, and orange shorts. He is often seen holding a radio wherever he goes, even when he’s running along the railway tracks!


Spike is dressed like a teenage punk rocker. He’s dressed in the typical rocker fashion, with a white tank top, a dark coat with spikes at the shoulders, old-school blue jeans, and black rocker shoes. His iconic hairstyle is the red Mohawk. Similar to Frizzy and Tasha, Spike’s hairstyle changes according to his outfit. He got 2 new outfits, which are the Rock Outfit and the Punk Outfit.


Yutani’s appearance is a young lady wearing a green alien suit. The upper arms are Yutani’s real arms while the lower arms are only part of the outfit. Among all the different unlockable characters, Yutani requires the most tokens from the player and hence is said to be the most difficult character to obtain. At the moment there are no new outfits for Yutani that players can be purchased in the in-game store.


King is an overweight kid wearing a beige paper crown. In addition, he wears a blue shirt with the words “I’m #1” printed on it. “King” seems to be his nickname as there’s no other evidence that proved his royalty status. There are 2 types of outfits that players can purchase. The first one will be the Count Outfit, which was released in the New Orleans edition of the Subway Surfers World Tour as a Halloween-themed outfit. He has a dark cape and a dark shirt in this Halloween-themed outfit. Instead of his paper crown, he puts on a set of vampire teeth. The second outfit will be the Royal Outfit, which changes his paper crown with a real golden crown, making him look like a real successor of a kingdom. This outfit was made available during the New York 2014 release.


Tagbot is the only non-human character in Subway Surfers. He resembles a robot and wears a cap that is the same as Jake’s. Similarly, Tagbot’s cap has the words “Sub Surf” on it. In terms of speed, Tagbot is one of the fastest characters in the game. This makes it a popular choice among players to get their distance high scores.

These are just a few of the characters that we have covered in Subway Surfers. There are much more characters that you can try out!