Subway Surfers Updates

Being one of the longest running game in the Google Play Store, Subway Surfers has been well-loved by millions around the world. SYBO Games certainly didn’t disappoint hardcore fans like us. Ever since its first release, Subway Surfers is constantly being updated with events. And with the World Tour Edition being released, players are able to travel around the globe with their favorite characters Jake, Tricky, and many more!

Subway Surfers World Tour

First up was the Subway Surfers Time Tour. Going back to the Prehistoric era, Kiloo gave players a peek at what it’s like running in the prehistoric setting. Thereafter in the second installment comes the Time Tour: Viking Edition. Subsequent updates featured the world tour edition to places such as Cairo, Tokyo, and Amsterdam. There were 2 releases for the Arabia tour in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Other destinations include Baltimore, Bangkok, Barcelona, London, Beijing, Iceland, Hawaii, Greece, Rome, Prague, Transylvania, North Pole, Rio de Janerio, Peru, Sao Paulo, Vancouver, Venice, Sydney Singapore, Mumbai, Moscow, Miami, and Mexico. Destinations in Africa include Kenya and Madagascar. In US, Las Vegas, Washington DC, New York and New Orleans were featured.

With 46 unique destinations in 85 various World Tour updates, you can say that Subway Surfers has almost gone all around the world and people are still liking it a lot! All the updates are awesome! The realistic graphics make you feel like you are really traveling around the world with a hoverboard. Subway Surfers had also released several holiday editions, namely the Subway Surfers Halloween Edition and the Winter Holiday Edition.

Now we will talk about in details of Subway Surfers Halloween edition and Subway Surfer Christmas edition.

Subway Surfers Halloween Edition

The Subway Surfers Halloween Edition was the first edition of Subway Surfers that was available for free to all in October 2012, although it was just for a limited time. It introduced a new character, Zombie Jake, which was the zombie version of Jake. Having Jake’s body become green looked kind of scary to us. But it was the refreshing appearance that made this special edition a success! The developer really aced this Halloween theme with the zombie-fied version of Jake.



This Halloween Edition was then preceded by Subway Surfers Christmas edition which will also be covered in details in the next section. With such good feedback from the public with the release of the first Halloween themed Subway Surfers, Kiloo released Subway Surfers World Tour: New Orleans in their second attempt at the Halloween theme. The third installment being Subway Surfers World Tour- Transylvania. In addition, Subway Surfers World Tour: Mexico also had the Halloween theme which was very fun to play as well! Be sure to try out all the various Halloween Editions and let us know which is the best!

Subway Surfers Christmas Edition

The next Subway Surfers edition that we would like to feature will be the Subway Surfers Christmas Edition, which is also called the Subway Surfers Holiday Edition. The Subway Surfers Christmas edition was the second edition of Subway Surfers that was released as a free edition (the first one was the Subway Surfers Halloween Edition mentioned above). This edition was also free for a limited time only.



The Subway Surfers Christmas edition released new characters like Elf Tricky, which was Tricky wearing an elf costume and a wide variety of hoverboards like the free limited edition Starboard. Being Christmas-themed, there are several changes in the appearance of the setting of the game. The most prominent was definitely the Inspector dressed as Santa Claus and his dog dressed like a reindeer. This edition of Subway Surfers Christmas Edition was released on November 28th 2012. Being a big hit as well, SYBO Games subsequently released other Christmas editions in the Subway Surfers World Tour, in both London and the North Pole. The most recent Christmas Edition update was Subway Surfers: Winter Holidays, in November 2016. The Subway Surfers: Winter Holiday edition also featured Elf Tricky, but with a new Ice Outfit.

Try all these editions out now! Didn’t manage to play these special editions when they were released? Fret not! Try out these Subway Surfers Cheats & Hacks! Learn how you can get access to these limited time updates and also unlock new characters! But before you do that, have you downloaded the game? Play Subway Surfers on your PC today!