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Are there any Subway Surfers World Record?

If you have ever played Subway Surfers, you know that the game is legendary. It starts out simple enough, but as you progress the game starts going faster and faster. We haven’t personally made it very far. Our highest score ever is a whopping 373,000 points. It amazes us to see Subway Surfers World Record is attained by Tyler Laura with a high score of 61,912,462. We can’t even begin to fathom how he accomplished that. But the moment we saw the world’s highest score to date we were mind blown.


Karim M. of Pakistan currently hold’s the highest score of 2,000,001,660 points. A really scary figure isn’t it? The second highest score belongs to user Ruhanul I. of Bangladesh with a high score of 1,706,059,214 points. As we were researching this, we were curious to see if these scores were made without using cheats. And the best way to get an answer to something is to read the comments about a post. That is where we found our answer.


Our Thoughts

We do not believe that these high scores were made without using cheats. So then we started researching high scores made by playing the game naturally. I found a Hawaii edition of Subway Surfers with posted scores without cheats. The highest score came from Alexandre Pereira with a score of 1,000,000,946 points. This website recognizes cheat codes and does not allow those scores to be submitted. Personally, we think that this score would be the world record because this user did not cheat the system. You cannot be a winner if you cheat. It takes patience to get a score this high without dying or cheating.


It is not very nice to be posting scores and bragging about them if one had used a hack system to get the score. Even we could do that and take our 300,000 point score and turn it into 3 billion with a snap of a finger. However, that wouldn’t be very fair and honestly, we don’t know that I would brag about that to other people. It’s a problem with people these days, they always look for a shortcut to completing certain tasks. In reality though, they only half did the task.


Gaming is changing the way kids interpret winning and working. It teaches them that they can hack and cheat their way through and still be on top of the world. It will be nicer to find future gaming scores posted online to contain only natural scores. Those people are the ones who put in the hard work to make that score. They are the ones who should be on top. They are the ones who should have all of the bragging rights.