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What are the different types of Subway Surfers Hoverboards?

In Subway Surfers, an endless runner style action game from Kiloo available on most devices, including PC. In the game, the protagonist Jake has to escape from the grumpy train inspector and avoid getting caught. Subway Surfers hoverboards are available as items that prevent Jake from crashing for a 30 second period. This power-up is only good for one crash in that 30-second window. After which, there is a cooldown period for the hoverboard power-up before you can activate Jake’s hoverboard again.


Subway Surfers Hoverboards

The cool thing about the Subway Surfers hoverboard power-up is the dozens of different hoverboard skins you can acquire. While the difference is usually purely cosmetic, there are a few Subway Surfers hoverboards you can unlock that come with special abilities. Scroll down to find out more!


With each edition of the game, more or more Subway Surfers hoverboards and its skins are added. Sometimes they’re free, sometimes you have to buy them. Often, the boards are only available within a limited window of time. Hence longtime players have the advantage of having unique hoverboards that newer players may not have access to.


In the most recent re-release of the game, the ability to add powers on to your already owned Subway Surfers hoverboards (as opposed to having to buy a specific fancy hoverboard that comes with a special ability) was introduced. This move was well received by the Subway Surfers players as it allowed many of the powers to become available for all other skins.


Powers for your hoverboard can include Smooth Drift, Surf Faster, Stay Low, Super Jump, and Speed Up. Other powers of your Subway Surfers hoverboard are Zap Sideways, Pink Trail, Star Trail, Bubble Trail, and Double Jump. Some of these powers are automatically connected to a board such as the Lowrider or Teleporter. Hence hoverboards with special powers originally more popular than the normal fanciful ones.


More often than not the boards are just there to provide a whimsical alternative to the normal hoverboard model. You can ride a banana or a sled that turns you into a sweet snowman. Even sharks and crocodiles are available! See the whole list of Subway Surfers hoverboards that you can purchase! Download the game now and hop on your hoverboard!

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