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How to get Subway Surfers High Score?

Improve your multiplier to get a Subway Surfers high score in the fastest time possible. Every time you complete a mission, your character will level up. You can level up all the way to a multiplier of 30x for the maximum level up bonus. After that, you want to focus on upgrading your power-ups. The coin magnet is useful in helping to bring in coins as you run down the tracks. In addition, when you have the 2X multiplier power-up, you will be able to double your current multiplier, up to 60x. By covering the same distance, you are now able to increase your overall score with the help of these multiplier tips!


Stock up on hoverboards! Hoverboards can be purchased with coins that you have won in through prize boxes. The great thing about the Hoverboards is that they last for 30 seconds, but their true power comes from the ability to stay alive after hitting into an object instead of dying as you usually would. If you hit an object while on the hoverboard, you can still continue your run and increase your distance covered. This helps to improve your Subway Surfers high score. Hence you should always have extra hoverboards to use in case of emergencies when you cannot avoid hitting something.


Collect keys, grab a lot of coins and practice often! That’s all you need to become the top winning player in this best-selling Subway Surfers game! Although Subway Surfers is made for kids of all ages, adults play this game as well. In fact, it has a huge number of followers and more people are excited about this game than many other games this year. Start playing now and join in the hype!