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How to get Unlimited Coins in Subway Surfers?

You can use a hack called Coin Accelerator to get unlimited coins on Subway Surfers.


In order to activate this hack, you will need Rio or a newer update and a program to run it. You can either do this with an Android Download or a PC transfer. The Android Download is much easier than the PC transfer but unfortunately, the Hacking App is no longer available for download from the Google Play store, so you will have to use the PC Transfer method.


First, make sure you are running the most recent version of the game. Next, back up your data using Titanium Backup or another similar program before doing this. Uninstall the backup program once you have backed up your data. Download the mod APK file by doing a Google search for “nN1YndheX.apk” to go directly to the APK file and install it.


After you have installed APK, run the game and use your unlimited coins to buy everything you’ve ever wanted. Now you should perform another backup of your data with the new game updates installed, but make sure you do not overwrite the existing data from the first data backup! This is very important. Now you should uninstall the unlimited coin version of the game and reinstall the normal version of the game from the Google Play Store.


After installing the normal version of the game, restore your upgraded unlimited coin data from the last data backup (not the first one!) so that all your upgrades, boards, and characters will appear. Now you can continue to play as normal while enjoying your unlimited coins! Though it is unlikely, there is a chance that your new upgraded data will not restore. If this happens, then just restore the original game with the data that you backed up first and you should be able to resume playing where you were before you tried this hack for unlimited coins.


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