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How to play Subway Surfers Chicago?


Subway Surfers Chicago

It’s a game that many kids and adults are playing today! Subway Surfers Chicago is the 77th in the Subway Surfers World Tour Series. In this version, there will be a new limited character named E.Z. This new character will cost 15 keys and has a limited hot dog hoverboard. There is a weekly hunt for foam fingers that is required for the characters to collect.


About Subway Surfers

To play Subway Surfers, you must select a character of choice to surf the subways. Once the game starts you are to navigate your character side to side to collect the coins and dodge anything that may be in your way. There is also someone that will be behind chasing you to catch the character. There are some perks along the way that will help you fly, jump, and even help you collect more coins. In this game, you must jump from train to train as they are moving to get to your destination. Along the way, you may see letters that will eventually spell out a word and give you some extra coins or perks.


There are hoverboards that may be rewarded that helps your speed and also makes it easier to go to train to train. The game is free but there are also in-app purchase choices. You are able to purchase upgraded items along with new looks for the characters. You are able to replenish on any of the hoverboards you may have used. There are keys that are rewarded and also may be bought, that allows you to access farther in the game. Rocket jets allows you to fly in the air and collect coins and stays out the way of the trains. The speed of the trains may vary depending on levels of the character and how many coins the player has gained.


This game is great for kids to play along with adults. So come and join your kids in playing this funfilled game on PC! Download and play now!

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