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How to play Subway Surfers Iceland?

About Subway Surfers Iceland

Subway Surfers is an action-packed game loved by millions and they started a world tour which comprises of Subway Surfers Iceland. In Subway Surfers Iceland, players have to get through ice caves and volcanoes. It is mostly the same as the original Subway Surfers. Little details from Iceland were added to the game to make it look like the actual location. Players can boost their surfer crew by taking Bjarki, the strongest explorer. Bjarki has a special fishing outfit which players can surf on the hoverboard named Big Blue.


Players can play Subway Surfers Iceland live with friends and use head starts and magnets to get extra coins. Jetpacks can also be used in the game to travel through air. Players have to dodge hurdles and collect items and many more surprises on the go. Players can buy many boards and outfits for the surfers or change their surfers to get a full fledge experience of the game. The game’s 1.85 version features Subway surfers Iceland. Till date, the game has completed 46 destinations on their tour having reached 1.90 version. The game will definitely go on more cities on tour as the year passes by.


The game gets faster as players get ahead in the game. It is a very engaging game and had done many tours to different cities. People of all ages and gender can play the game! The rules are simple. Just hop on the board and collect as many coins as you can while avoiding hitting any trains or hurdles along the way. It is quite an easy game which also helps to increase our reflex actions. The tour has really increased the games popularity and made the game peoples favourite. So download the game and join in the fun! A whole new adventure awaits you.

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