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How to play Subway Surfers Monaco?


About Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers Monaco is part of the Subway Surfers World Tour which is an extension of the original Subway Surfers game. Subway Surfers is a platform based game which appears to be for users of all ages. The goal of the game is to earn points (by collecting coins) and avoid being caught by the antagonist. The main character is a young boy, who is caught spray-painting graffiti by a law enforcement officer and his patrol dog who pursue the player. While running from the officer, the player must also avoid obstacles. Earning more points allows the player to unlock other features and other characters. The game continues with no particular endpoint until the player is caught. Gameplay is controlled by using swiping motions to move around obstacles and along the path.


The game is available for iPhone, Android, and tablet versions. Subway Surfers is now available for download on PC! Try it out now! It is recognized as one of the most downloaded games in the Google Play store. The game is available in various languages due to its worldwide popularity. Additionally, it features various themes and modes with different cities available for play. While the game is free, Subway Surfers also allows for in-game purchases to enhance player abilities. The game has been praised for its simplicity of design and gameplay; in addition to it’s colorful and engaging setting and fun animation. It has been compared to the likes of Temple Run in style and goal. While playable by all, the target audience is for kids between 5 and 12.


Subway Surfers Monaco

As previously mentioned, Subway Surfers features different cities. Subway Surfers Monaco is the newest release as part of the “World Tour” series and is presented as a 6th-anniversary edition. The Monaco edition features a new playable character, Philip, together with his customizable outfit, Racer Outfit. A new hoverboard, Speeder, is also added to this edition to allow players to experience riding a new hoverboard.


The Monaco edition was first released in 2017. It was re-released in 2018 and has already received much attention from YouTube reviewers. The positive reviews focus on the ease of play and recognize the game as a “time passer.” Some adults have criticized the in-app purchase feature as well as the theme of “running from the law.” Otherwise, Subway Surfers is a fun, free, and all-ages entertainment.

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