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How to play Subway Surfers Tokyo?

Subway Surfers is a free to play app where you run endlessly. There are obstacles that you must avoid. Subway Surfers Tokyo takes place in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a fast pace running adventure and you must escape the train inspector. In order to play, you must swipe your character left or right to avoid obstacles as well as swipe up to jump over things. If you accidentally hit on something, you may end up getting caught by the train inspector. You are constantly running on top of subway cars and on the railroad tracks.


Subway Surfers Tokyo Edition

The Subway Surfers Tokyo update has new characters and hoverboards to be collected. You can use power-ups to help you get through the levels faster and get more coins. The characters are very cartoon to get children’s attention. The original game has been out since 2012 and can be found in both Android and iOS app stores. Subway Surfers is even available on PC and Kindle! You start off with the protagonist named Jake and subsequently unlock more characters along the way.


In the Tokyo update, you are able to unlock a character named Harumi and a kitty inspired hoverboard. There is also a Youtube series about Subway Surfers that many people who follow the game watch. They are fairly short episodes only lasting about 4 minutes long. Subway Surfers is in the genre known as the endless runner game. It was produced by kiloo and SYBO games. In the original game, you are caught doodling at a subway station and must run away from the train inspector. Even though it’s just a single player game, you can definitely have loads of fun trying to break your own high score! The Tokyo update is much more colorful and addictive than the original version. Try it out today!