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Subway Surfers is a single player endless running game that tests players’ agility and reflex. With cute and cheeky in-game characters, customizable outfits and hoverboards, and strong power-ups, you cannot help but keep playing the game for hours!

Show off your high score with your friends and compete for the title of the best Subway Surfer! But do you know what’s the current world record for the best Subway Surfers score? How many countries/cities were featured in the Subway Surfers World Tour? How many characters are there in Subway Surfers and how to obtain them?

Read on and explore the massive database we have gathered. Join us in your path to become the next Subway Surfers master! If you have not downloaded the game, be sure to get it here!

Are there any Subway Surfers World Record?

If you have ever played Subway Surfers, you know that the game is legendary. It starts out simple enough, but as you progress the game starts going faster and faster….

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How to play Subway Surfers Tokyo?

Subway Surfers is a free to play app where you run endlessly. There are obstacles that you must avoid. Subway Surfers Tokyo takes place in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a fast…

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How to play Subway Surfers World Tour?

Subway Surfers World Tour is very easy to play and highly addicting due to its fun for all ages gameplay. In the game, you choose your character and play as a…

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What is Subway Surfers Paris?

Subway Surfers Paris is a popular action game that is part of a series of games (“Subway Surfers”) that take place around the world. It features scenes from around Paris,…

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What is Subway Surfers Mexico?

The Subway Surfers Mexico is the sixteenth installment in the series of Subway Surfers. Not to be confused with the Mexico edition that was released in 2017, the 16th installment is…

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How to get Subway Surfers High Score?

Improve your multiplier to get a Subway Surfers high score in the fastest time possible. Every time you complete a mission, your character will level up. You can level up…

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What is Subway Surfers Hawaii?

From googling the phrase ‘Subway Surfers Hawaii’, there were 2 versions of Subway Surfers Hawaii being released, the first in 2015 and the second release in 2017. This version of…

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What are the games like Subway Surfers?

There are plenty of other endless running games like Subway Surfers such as Sonic Dash, Temple Run 2, Zombie Highway 2, Jetpack Joyride, Into the Dead, Despicable Me: Minion Rush,…

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When did Subway Surfers come out?

You love the game Subway Surfers. But do you know when did Subway Surfers come out? According to websites Android Central and Wikipedia, the game Subway Surfers came out originally…

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What is Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is a single-player endless runner mobile game available for Apple and Android, in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store respectively. It is also available to Kindle and…

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