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Subway Surfers New 2021 Update: Space Station 33rd World Tour

Subway Surfers, despite being an old game, is still popular among many players. In fact, the game landed on the top 10 most downloaded games in 2020, alongside PUBG and Garena Free Fire. A lot of people love its challenging yet addicting gameplay and is arguably a great casual game for passing time.

Aside from that, anyone can learn the controls of the game, even kids can do it! Due to its continuing popularity, Subway Surfers will continue to get updates in 2021. Fans will be delighted to know that something cool, futuristic, and entirely fresh is coming to the game.

Make Way For The Space Station Update

Subway Surfers has more than a hundred updates since it was released. The game has been developed constantly to suit the needs of avid players. These include bug fixes and additional features and themes. On January 7, 2021, a new update was rolled out and it is considered as the 130th update of the game.


Subway Surfers Space Station

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This is the 33rd World Tour in the game, and this time, it’s a journey to the cosmos! This world tour update is called the Space Station, and it will take players to an out-of-this-world adventure (literally). After eight years, this is the first time Subway Surfers has a space edition as a theme.

In addition, players who are familiar with Blades of Brim, a game developed by Sybo (the developer of Subway Surfers), will recognize the aliens that are trapped in Subway Surfers’ Space Station update. Yes, it’s a crossover!

New Characters to Play

Along with the new space-themed tour comes fun and unique characters which are of limited edition.

  • Frankette – This character is like a mix of Frank and Rabbot who is wearing a suit and tie. This character can be bought using real money at $2.99.
  • Spacebot – This character is a robot with red and white colors. Its head resembles that of a boombox and the Roto board logo on its face is in Cyan. This character can be purchased with real money for $2.99.

Unique Hoverboards For Space Station

There are also new hoverboards to go with the space theme. Here are the newest hoverboards available for a limited time:

  • Secret Society – The Secret Society hoverboard costs 50 keys. It is a limited edition and contains a logo like Roto.
  • Discovery – Another limited edition hoverboard is called Discovery. It can be purchased using real money for $1.99. Its shape resembles Secret Society.
  • Endeavour – Another limited edition hoverboard is Endeavor. Just like Secret Society, the logo is like Roto. Players can also get it at $1.99.

Subway Surfers is definitely off to a great start this 2021 with its newly rolled out Space Station theme! The visuals and audio effects are very futuristic and promising. Since most of the content is limited edition, it’s best to play the game now while it is still available!

The Space Station World Tour is not just the sole update that will come to Subway Surfers in January 2021. Later in the month, a new Lunar New Year update is also expected. This update contains more characters, hoverboards, and features that will certainly bring a rich, cultural experience to the game. To experience these updates, why not download and play the game on PC now?