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Subway Surfers: Content Update with New Characters

If you are a fan of endless running games, then you must have heard of Subway Surfers. These are the fun and exciting kinds of games you can play to pass the time when you’re bored. Endless running games have been a favorite of millions of people worldwide, with Subway Surfers taking the lead. Because of its popularity, there are tons of updates in this game since it was released. The exciting new content had gamers flocking over to this awesome title. If you’re looking to start your Subway Surfers journey, then check out our “How-to-play” guide!

Subway Surfers just had their twenty-ninth update and the one hundred ninths installment in the World Tour Series. This update brings you more surprises than you ever imagined, especially with it hitting the holidays! This must be Supercell’s way of greeting us this merry season of giving and receiving. You will find the same excitement but amplified adventures in St. Petersburg 2020. Meet old characters, get new outfits, and surf the subway while touring Russia. Released on December 10, 2020, this is the best way to start the new year. If you spend the new years playing this latest update, you’re doing it right!

Fun Surprises At The All-New Christmas Edition

We all know how 2020 has been for most of us. It has been catastrophic, and most people can’t leave their houses because of the lockdown. But thanks to video games, staying inside for months at a time has been tolerable. One of these games is Subway Surfers. And when December 10 came, Supercell released a new update that kept every endless-running player hooked. The St. Petersburg update is their Christmas update, with new additions and features.

subway surfers new updates

The popular Jake and the Gang are dressed up in red sweaters and sweatpants, showing how festive and cool they are! The World Tour Series is the best feature of Subway Surfers. For those not familiar with this feature, it is when Jake, the gang, and new characters surf around the world. Seeing new sights and exploring new places is what World Tour is all about!

So join the gang while spending their holidays in St. Petersburg, Russia. Surf the streets with returning characters, play in the snow, and enjoy the Holiday season with Subway Surfers! It’s one of the best times of the year, and there’s nothing like spending it with a fun video game.

The New Festive Outfits of Jake & the Gang

The latest updates come bearing gifts for Jake and the Gang. That includes new costumes for them to wear while surfing across the streets. Check them out below:

  • Festive Jake – It’s Jake in a red hoodie sweatshirt, grey t-shirt, red shoes, red jeans, red sunglasses, green cap, and dark green and white gloves. This is Jake’s s 2nd limited edition outfit that costs 95,000 coins.
  • Festive Tricky – Like Jake, Tricky is wearing all-red with a sprinkle of dark green and white. This outfit costs 60 keys.
  • Festive Spike – In this outfit, Spike is wearing a red and white sweatshirt, red boots, dark blue jeans, and he’s rocking red hair.
  • Festive Rank – The simplest of the bunch is Festive Frank, except he’s wearing a red scarf and red earmuffs. It’s his 7th character with a special and themed edition.
  • Festive Yutani – This cute Asian girl is wearing a red jumpsuit with a zipper in the middle with two fake alien arms. She sports cyan boots and her hair in a bun with a red wick.

subway surfers-new outfit

You can view these awesome new looks when you log into Subway Surfers. Now is the best time to play the game especially with the new updates. Grind the rails while spreading the holiday cheer in Subway Surfers!

Everything You Need to Know About the Returning Characters

The World Tour Series: St. Petersburg brings exciting adventures with returning characters such as Nicolai and Freya. These two are adorned in new outfits, which will cost you real money. Here, Nicolai is wearing a Faux Fur get-up, a fluffy zebra print hat, and robes with black boots. He has white gloves and he’s holding a white rod.

On the other hand, Freya comes back with her Winter Magic Outfit. She wears a red and yellow pointy hat that has a black ribbon and white rim. Her white long-sleeved tank top has two gold medallions near the sleeves’ openings and one on her chest.

St. Petersburg World Tour is the 32nd World Tour with a remixed background music, and it revolves around celebrating Christmas. The first edition in St. Petersburg was back in 2017, making this the second tour and their latest installment. In this edition, it is easier to keep track of your winnings because it shows the amount and not the percentage. So, why not play Subway Surfers and get to know the amazing limited edition characters? You will surely love welcoming 2021 in a new environment!