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Subway Surfers: How Much Money Does It Make?

As far as we know, Subway Surfers is among one of the most famous casual games since the early 2010s. However, not a lot of people know how much money the game makes. Let’s check out their revenue.

Subway Surfers Peak Income in 2018

As reported by Pocketgamer, “Kiloo and SYBO’s 2012 endless runner Subway Surfers has taken in more than $80 million in revenue on iOS.” And according to reports from Sensor Tower, the game earned these figures through in-app purchases alone. This is still quite impressive, especially for a mobile game that is already 8 years old.



In addition, revenue gained from in-game advertising is not yet included in this estimate. So it is possible that Kiloo earned more than $80 million from Subway Surfers in 2018. Obviously, it is the flagship game title for Kiloo and SYBO.

Recently, the endless running game passed the two billion mark in terms of downloads, and was recognized as the second-most downloaded game on the App Store between 2010 and 2018.

How is it Doing in 2020?

While it may not be in its peak reputation anymore, the game is still earning a lot of revenue in 2020. According to ThinkGaming, Subway Surfers has a daily revenue estimate of $2,850. It currently ranks 18th in Top Free Games in June 2020.

How Subway Surfers Earn Money

For a free game, they earn a large sum of money every year. This is because of its consumers’ buying energy, characters, and other featured microtransactions in the game.

While they do earn a lot, the game is also known to be one of the friendliest free-to-play games on mobile phones. As a free game, it has a wide reach. Its wholesome content also makes it safe and accessible by gamers of all ages. No wonder why it remains a lucrative game, even after almost a decade since its release.