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Subway Surfers: New Characters and Hoverboards in 2021

With over 1.8 billion downloads, Subway Surfers has remained one of the most significant casual games in the free-to-play market. For almost a decade since its official launch, this endless running sensation has evolved into a media franchise known as Subway Surfers: The Animated Series, starring the game’s prominent characters.

New details are swirling around the Internet about the latest update of Subway Surfers. And this new update is going to be its 130th content drop. In the new update, expect to get new characters and hoverboards. From the looks of it, the upcoming update is something that fans should be excited about. With that said, check out some of the new characters and hoverboards coming in 2021. 

New Characters in Subway Surfers

Get to know the new characters that will be introduced in the latest update:

Subway Surfers Qin


Qin is a character from the Chinese version of Subway Surfers. He is going to be the 9th character ported to the West. Qin will be available as a limited-time character and can be unlocked using 95,000 gold coins. Qin also comes with his alternate outfit with an unlocked price of 100 gold coins. 

Subway Surfers Hou


The next character is Hou. He is the 10th commander coming from the Chinese version to the Western version of the game. Like Qin, he is also a limited edition character. Hou will be accessible for 95,000 gold coins and his alternate outfit for 15 keys. Hou and Qin are said to be identical, especially in their physical attributes. Furthermore,  they are expected to go live on January 7, 2021, for all versions of the game. 

New Hovercrafts 

The upcoming update will also include new hoverboard designs. As you may have known, Hovercrafts are one of the main selling points of the game. With that said, check out the new hoverboard designs coming to the game in 2021 below. 

Subway Surfers Bamboo


The Bamboo Hoverboard was first spotted in a SYBO video and is expected to go live in the upcoming update, along with the new characters. However, it is already available in the Chinese version of the game as part of the Guilin update. In the game, the Bamboo Hoverboard will protect the player from crashing for 30 seconds, thus making the run longer. If the Bamboo Hoverboard crashes, it will require some time to recharge before the player can use it again.


The parasol is another type of hoverboard that is expected to be released in the 2021 update. Like the Bamboo Hovercraft, the Parasol will protect the player from crashing for 30 seconds. It is also available in the Chinese version of the game, which means that porting the item to the Western version will be easy. Furthermore, the Parasol emits a petal trail and requires 50,000 coins to unlock.

Subway Surfers Flying Horse

Flying Horse

Similar to the Bamboo Hoverboard and the Parasol, the Flying Horse will also protect the player from crashing for 30 seconds. Moreover, this unique hoverboard will explode if it crashes and will need to recharge before it can be used again. Unlocking this hoverboard will require 100 coins.

The Flying Horse is also available in the Chinese version of the game. It is part of the Dunhuang update, along with the upcoming character Hou. The design of the Flying Horse comes from the iconic Chinese sculpture called the Flying Horse of Ganzu.

These are all the latest details of the new contents in Subway Surfers. Make sure to play the game as much as possible so you can start banking on coins. This will ensure that you will have enough resources to unlock the characters and hoverboards once they go live in January 2021. And if it’s your first time playing this game, check out our cheats and hacks so you can play the game better.