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Is Subway Surfers Still Relevant in 2020?

If you have been playing Subway Surfers since 2012 and have stopped at some point, you might be thinking if the game is obsolete by now. But so far, it seems like the game is doing well – thanks to Killoo’s constant support and major updates that they release every year. Due to their more optimized game, we managed to make the game available for the PC with full keyboard controls and volume control. All you need to do is click the download link below!

How It Still Competes with Other Casual Games 

Surprisingly, there are only 2 relevant casual games that many people still play to this day: Plague, Inc., and Subway Surfers. One is strategic and dark, the other is fun and family-friendly. Endless runner games may be redundant at this point with so many carbon copies since its emergence in 2011, but the Subway Surfers game remains the king of running.


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Many developers have already left their games like Temple Run 2, Angry Birds, and many of the Adult Swim games. But for Killoo, they never abandoned their baby. Even if you plan to get a Subway Surfers download copy, the game still feels modern with some old-school game mechanics.

The graphics are overhauled so it looks much like console-quality visuals and it gets a yearly World Tour event with a highlighted city. Not only does this game manage to stay relevant, but they still actively market it through diverse cities.

Subway Surfers Remains As One of the Top Grossing Games Ever 

As of June 2020, the game earns $2,850 every month, making it the 18th biggest-grossing free-to-play game on Google Play. This is all thanks to the consumers’ purchase of microtransactions, lives, and characters. This speaks volumes, considering that the game is already 8 years old. If players still spend on the Subway Surfers game, then it remains relevant in 2020.