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Subway Surfers: The Animated Series

If you haven’t been aware, Subway Surfers has its own animated series. Premiered in 2018, the short series was produced by SYBO TV on YouTube. Each episode is around 3 to 5 minutes long, and are loosely based on the arcade game. And of course, the Subway Surfers characters are all in there.

The 11-episode show has its own story, giving more life to each known personality in the game – including the security guard and his dog. And, you know what? It is actually pretty good. Honestly, I prefer watching the show than play the game for long (not like the game is bad anyway).

Enjoy The 2D Goodness 

In a sea of overused 3D animations, the cartoon uses traditional 2D animation, specifically Flash. You can tell by the production that Killoo invested a lot into the show, making it a surprisingly good mini-series that leaves every viewer wanting for more. I do wish it had a season 2 but maybe they are already in the works and SYBO TV is just keeping it in secret (fingers crossed).



Unrelated to the Subway Surfers Game Yet Still Good 

The show has NOTHING related to the Subway Surfers game at all; no running, no coin collecting, no picking up hoverboards. Yet, it is very good in its own way – the writing is clever, the animation is clean and the colors are vivid (looking at you, Big Mouth). For real though, the writing seems like it was made for an older audience and it is just fun to hear the jokes. Think of Gumball but with juvenile skateboards and b-boys.

Where to Watch

You can watch every episode for free on their YouTube channel on SYBO TV! Currently, the whole playlist has over more than 100 million views worldwide, making it one of the most successful animated mini-series ever made. If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to their YouTube channel now.