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Subway Surfers: Upcoming 2021 Updates To Watch Out For

Subway Surfers still remain popular today. It landed as one of the most downloaded games in 2020, with over 200 million worldwide downloads under its belt. The premise of the game is simple. In fact, its gameplay is similar to that of endless runner games like Temple Run and Super Mario, except that characters in the game use a skateboard to traverse the roads endlessly.

The goal is to keep dashing and moving forward without getting hit by a myriad of obstacles along the way. Your character will race along the train tracks to collect some mystery boxes and coins while beating the high score. The settings depend on the country you are playing in, but the gameplay and mechanics are quite the same.

For long time fans of the game, there are more surprises and stuff to look forward to in 2021. This coming January, a new update will be rolled out and it is said that this one will have a Lunar New Year theme. Let’s take a look at the new features and content that comes with the update.


Subway Surfers update 2021

Image Source: Saswata Surfers


New Characters to Play

These are the new characters that will be added with the Lunar New Year update. Most of them are already quite familiar, especially for long-time players.

  • Qin – Qin is the 9th character in Subway Surfers’ Chinese version. He uses a Scroll or Goat as a surfboard. Qin is similar to another character, Hou, with regards to appearance and outfit.
  • Hou – He is a “limited edition” character in the upcoming Lunar New Year update of Subway Surfers. Hou is the 10th character and is sometimes referred to as the “Gansu Surfer”. He uses the Bamboo, Parasol, Goat, and Flying Horse boards during the run.
  • Mala – She appears as Kim in previous runs. There is no distinct outfit disclosed about Mala yet, only her looks and moves.

New Hoverboards

Aside from new and exciting characters, there are also new hoverboards that are coming with the update. These are the following:

  • Bamboo – This board is one of the best because it protects your character from crashing for about 30 seconds during the run. It only needs to be recharged when you accidentally crash. However, you need 40 keys to unlock the Bamboo.
  • Parasol – The Parasol is something to look forward to in the upcoming update. It is the 9th board found in the Chinese version of the game. This board costs 50,000 coins to unlock. The character, Ming, uses this board and is part of the new update. Parasol is not exactly a super board as compared to the others in the game.
  • Flying Horse – Just like the Bamboo hoverboard, this one also protects you for 30 seconds from crashing. It can be unlocked for 100 coins. This update goes together with the character, Hou. Flying Horse comes after two other horse-shaped boards, Jouster and Stallion. This board is based on the “Flying Horse of Gansu” that is very special among the Chinese people.

New Events and Other Additions

Aside from the new characters and hoverboards to be added in the upcoming Lunar New Year update, there is also an event that would definitely delight players. This is the Run the World Daily Sales. This event is basically a daily sale of 2 characters plus 1 limited-edition board. The sale would go on for 21 days. You can purchase your desired items using real money or coins. In this event, the only non-limited edition character is Zoe.

As for the maps, there will be a “Travel the World” icon found on the screen which represents the Worldwide Map. With this icon, you have an option to change cities in the game. There are also new city icons that will be added alongside the Lunar New Year update.

Exciting things are bound to happen on January 28, 2021. Not only for Subway Surfers fans but also for those who are going to try out this amazing game for the first time. For now, practice and master your jumps so that you get to change trains faster and break records! Download Subway Surfers on your PC for free today.