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What is Subway Surfers Arabia?

Subway Surfers Arabia, part of the Subway Surfers World Tour edition, features Arabia as the base landscape for the main Subway Surfers game. Subway Surfers is an action video game that is available on mobile phones and tablets that support IOS, Android or Windows. Do you know the Subway Surfers is also available on Windows PC and Mac as well? There are many different versions of this game. The first version of the game, released in May 2012, was created by two developers Killo and SYBO games. The basic point of the game is to run through an obstacle course which is endless and avoid the obstacles. You can perform different moves in order to avoid the obstacles. These moves include jumping, ducking and dodging. There are many different characters most of who seem to be a teenager. They also offer numerous different hoverboards that the character is using to get through the obstacle course. The further you get and more you play you earn coins which allow you to update to different characters and buy new hoverboards.


Subway Surfers Arabia

Subway Surfers Arabia was released in 2015 and it is the 33rd installment of Subway Surfers. A new character named Amira and a new hoverboard called Old Dusty were introduced in this version. The premises of the game is the same as previous versions where you are on an endless obstacle course trying to avoid oncoming objects. Like in all previous versions, you are trying to avoid oncoming trains while running from an inspector and his dog who caught the character vandalizing the subway with spray paint.

In this version of the game, Subway Surfers Arabia (which was released in 2016), you can join the Subway Surfers World Tour in the Middle East. Check out the Arabian subway with friends, buy new outfits for your characters and search for magic lamps throughout the game to earn the weekly hunt prizes.


Keen to try out Subway Surfers Arabia? Download the game on PC for free now! Although this game is free to download and play, do note that there are in-app purchases available for users who want to get more customizations and power-ups.

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