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What is Subway Surfers Hawaii?

From googling the phrase ‘Subway Surfers Hawaii’, there were 2 versions of Subway Surfers Hawaii being released, the first in 2015 and the second release in 2017. This version of the ‘Subway Surfers’ game is the sixty-fifth edition in the World Tour series and the seventieth version in Subway Surfers. This release of this version set in Hawaii is apparently to celebrate the opening of Volcano Bay Waterpark on 25th May 2017.


Similar to the other Subway Surfers World Tour editions, the Subway Surfers Hawaii edition consists of ‘surfing’ on subways and gaining points as you continue through the game. As the coins are aligned on top of each subway carriage, the player has to direct the character to move among the three lanes in the game. The character can also jump across different carriages. Other tricks that your character can do are doing with a somersault when jumping over a large gap, or simply skipping to the right or left when they are right next to the other carriage. There are various other challenges the players encounter throughout the game, making the game progressively harder.


Game Features

There are different characters in Subway Surfers and Subway Surfers Hawaii 2017 version brings back Izzy for a certain number of in-game coins. The characters are dressed in different colorful garments that you would typically find on people in Hawaii. The characters also appear to be wearing a colorful headpiece, another traditional Hawaiian garment fitting with the theme, and flowers around their necks. The attire is related to summer fashion, which aligns with the typically hot climate of Hawaii. The game also introduces a new board upon which they surf, which is a green ukulele with white flowers. This Ukelele hoverboard is exclusive to this Hawaiian version and cannot be found in other versions of Subway Surfers.


Even the surroundings of the game are Hawaiian-themed! You can see different scenes such as the subways tracks which run next to the very bright blue sea, with palm trees too. There are also colorful Tiki heads alongside the tracks, which re-enforces the colorful and exaggerated Hawaiian theme. In the underground, the track runs through a volcanic mountain with lava on either side of the tracks.


With this bright and colorful atmosphere, you cannot help but want to hit the beach! But if you live far away from the shoreline, you can also play Subway Surfers: Hawaii edition and immerse yourselves in the summer vibe! Download today!