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What is Subway Surfers Los Angeles?

Subway Surfers Los Angeles is a game available online on almost all devices. In this game, you are able to choose a character and then hit play. Each character also has different outfits to choose from. Once you press play, the character of your choice runs down a railroad. There are trains on the various lanes of the railroad that you must dodge. While some of these trains are moving towards you, some are stationary. Collect coins while your character is running. Coins can be used to buy outfits, other characters, and enhancements to make your character run further.


While running, bonus items also appear on the track. These can include but are not limited to hover-boards that are faster than running, long jumps, and even a jet-pack that enables you to fly above the tracks and collect additional coins for a limited period of time. During your character’s run, you can also collect letters to spell out different words. Once you spell out the word required, you can earn additional items and coins.


Subway Surfers Los Angeles

Specifically, in Subway Surfers Los Angeles version, you get to explore different Hollywood movie settings. Each week, there is also a different event or challenge for you to complete. These challenges allow you to unlock additional characters and outfits for your characters. The Subway Surfers Los Angeles edition introduced a new character, Wayne, together with 2 new outfits and a hoverboard, Cruiser.


The main character in Subway Surfers is named Jake. All other characters must be unlocked by running on the tracks and dodging the trains. The further you run the better. While running, you will also encounter obstacles. If you happen to hit or graze one of these obstacles, a heavy set police officer will chase you. If he catches you, it’s game over. You must duck, dodge, or jump over these obstacles. If you crash onto any one of the obstacles, it is also game over for you. You can also compete with friends. Your score will be posted on the leaderboard each week. So come and join us in this subway surfing adventure! Download the game today!

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