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What is Subway Surfers New Orleans?

Have some fast-paced subway surfing action with Subway Surfers New Orleans! Prevent the characters from being caught by the grumpy inspector and his dog. Ride the hoverboards, put on the jetpacks, complete the daily tasks to get attractive rewards! Challenge your friends and see who is the Subway Surfers master! Subway Surfers New Orleans is easily available online and can be downloaded right here! The game is the unique creation by Kiloo Games and Sybo games. Let us take a deep look at the New Orleans edition in Subway Surfers World Tour.


Subway Surfers New Orleans

Subway Surfers New Orleans is the tenth edition in the series of Subway Surfers. In this new edition, one new character, Eddy, was introduced, together with the addition of a new hoverboard, Pumpkin board. In conjunction with the Halloween Theme in this edition, the train inspector is dressed as a Frankenstein monster while his dog is in skeleton attire (?). The Subway Surfers New Orleans edition was first released in October 2013 and requires players to complete the in-game event of collecting pumpkins in the weekly hunt.


Subway Surfers New Orleans 2014 is the twenty-fifth edition of the Subway Surfers World Tour series. New character Eddy and hoverboard Pumpkin were re-released in this 2014 edition. In addition, a new Trick Outfit was added for Eddy in this release. There were also 2 new hoverboard upgrades, one for Big Kahuna and the other for Starboard. Similar to the first release, players are required to collect pumpkins in the weekly hunt to get in-game rewards.


Subway Surfers New Orleans is a great time killer and a game that will keep you entertained for hours! You can play this game when you are in a waiting room, or just bored out of your mind when you have nothing to do. Waiting for you clothes to get done? Play this game! Waiting in a boring waiting room in the doctor’s office? Play this game! Subway Surfers will definitely be one that you will for sure never want to put down. There’s always something to be doing in this game and it makes for a fun game for the whole family. You can take turns and compete for the highest score. Make it a serious competition or a friendly one. The options are endless! Download Subway Surfers now!