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What is Subway Surfers Paris?

Subway Surfers Paris is a popular action game that is part of a series of games (“Subway Surfers”) that take place around the world. It features scenes from around Paris, making the game special and unique. The objective of the game is for players to be on surfboards moving very quickly across the rooftops of subways, railroad tracks. Along the way, players have to try to collect coins and bonuses; and aim to get a high score.


The premise is that you are a young person who was caught vandalizing/putting graffiti, and you are trying to run from the police who are chasing you. The game is very similar in style to Temple Run and Temple Run 2 in that they work on the same premise of trying to collect coins before you pass them at a high speed.


Subway Surfers: Paris Edition

While the game is free, you can purchase characters and hoverboards for varying costs. In this Subway Surfers Paris edition, you can use a mime character whose name is Coco, and there’s a special hoverboard named Rose. There have been three releases of the Subway Surfers Paris edition — one in 2013, one in 2014, and the final edition was released in 2018. Seems like Kiloo really loves this location a lot!


The creators of the game spent quite a bit of time taking advantage of the street art, landscapes, and other city landmarks that Paris has to offer. The game itself was quite successful, having almost 2 BILLION downloads, and according to one reviewer, the game was the most downloaded on the Internet at the time. The game was developed by a company called SYBO, and published originally by Kiloo. According to the company, the game is aimed primarily at younger gamers, but it is enjoyable for people of all ages. Reviewers have remarked that the “constant running” idea–i.e. you’re always moving forward–makes the game exciting and intuitive to play.


So download the game here and join in the fun now!