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What is Subway Surfers Release Date?

Subway Surfers release date was on the twenty-fourth of May 2012. Developed in Denmark by Kiloo and SYBO games, Subway Surfers is an endless runner action game suitable for players of all ages. The game features young teenagers who have been caught red-handed tagging or spraying graffiti within a subway system or train station. It is now your job to help these teenagers escape from the scene. Avoid getting caught by the inspector or it’s game over.


About the Game

The aim of the game is outrun the inspector and his dog using railway tracks and underground channels. Whilst running away hooligans collect gold coins out of the air. All the while dodging trains and vehicles. Trains can be used to escape capture by surfing them. Jake is the protagonist in Subway Surfers. Although other characters can be unlocked by collecting pieces of their clothing and or possessions. Also, characters can be unlocked via buying them using the real-world money. The other main character is the grumpy train inspector and his dog. The attire of the inspector changes depending on the destination of the World Tour edition you are playing.


The game is played by running as far as possible in an endless game while avoiding randomly generated obstacles. Avoiding obstacles requires the player to swipe up using his finger which jumps the hooligan or duck by sliding your finger backwards. Subway Surfers was awarded the most downloaded game in 2017! If you have not ridden on this wave, you should definitely download the game now!


There are a wide variety of updates for the game which changes the location of the subway there are locations in London, United Kingdom, Sydney Australia, New Orleans, North America. In each location characters and objects are different. You can really never get bored of this game! Not just available on your mobile devices, Subway Surfers can be played on your Windows PC or Mac as well! You can now play it anywhere and everywhere!

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