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Who is Subway Surfers Yutani?

There are many different characters in Subway Surfers and they are mainly separated into 2 different groups: Fixed and Limited-Time Characters. And among the Fixed Characters, Subway Surfers Yutani is considered the hardest character to unlock. Read more to find out why!


Subway Surfers Yutani

In the popular action game Subway Surfers, Yutani is the hardest character to unlock. It requires 500 Yutani UFO tokens to unlock this character, unlike Jake who is immediately unlocked when you first play the game.


Subway Surfers Yutani is a pretty young girl in an alien suit. She has four arms and two big eyes on the top of her suit, in which the top two of her arms are functional whereas the bottom two complete the whole “alien” look. Her suit is entirely green except for the black spots at the bottom of the suit. The suit also has two large antenna on top of the head.


Yutani is a tech genius that is the gang’s Q. Science is her favorite subject in class and she dreams to be an inventor when she grows up. Being ever curious, she is innovative and loves making new things! She thinks that she’s from another world which her friends actually believe could be true. Yutani is a very cool character in Subway Surfers because she seems wildly different from normal characters in other games. Seems like the game developers had placed a lot of effort in giving her a lot of personality and spunk.


Join in the fun with Subway Surfers Yutani! Unlock her and take her on a run downtown in one of the destinations in the Subway Surfers World Tour!

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