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Who is the Subway Surfers Inspector?

Broodibus A. Jopobus, also know as The Inspector, is the antagonist in the hit video game series Subway Surfers, the most popular endless runner game series to date. He is actually the justification for the surfers running through the subway. Even though his name is The Inspector, Broodibus is in all reality a security guard. His job is to make sure that the area is free of vandals and trespassers like the surfers. To capture the Subway Surfers who are tagging the sides of the trains, a chase ensues with the surfers running away from The Inspector. The game ends when he finally catches up with the Subway Surfers. Most players of the game refer to him as either “The Grumpy Inspector” or “Grumpy” for short. Learn more tips on how to get away from him by checking out our Guide page.


Traditionally, The Inspector appears as a stereotypical American security guard. Middle-aged, overweight male with a green hat, green patrol coat, black belt and Khaki pants. However, this appearance does change from time to time based on certain holidays or special events and locations. In various editions of the game, he was dressed as a Knight, the Easter Bunny, and even Santa Claus. In the New Orleans edition, The Inspector was portrayed as Frankenstein’s Monster and his dog as a skeleton dog. To date, the Surfers have been to 46 different destinations with 85 updates to the World Tour. Each one of these has introduced a new character as well as a brand new hoverboard. However, there have only been 6 different uniforms that The Inspector has worn. Now, you can play Subway Surfers on PC/Mac.


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